Left Hand Creek Master Plan

The plan recommends a number of flood mitigation and creek restoration projects that could be implemented with additional funding. Some of these projects have a watershed-wide scope, and others are specific to certain stream reaches. Several potential sources of funding could be used to implement recommended projects.

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  • Reach 3B RFP

    Our Reach 3B RFP has been published:

    See sheet 11 of Left Hand Creek Master Plan mapbook for current conceptual plan for this site:

    Environmental Review Documents:

    Reach 3B CDBG-DR Implementation Grant Application:

    Pre-proposal meeting Questions + Answers:


  • LWOG to hire Program Specialist: POSITION CLOSED

    Thank you for your applications. We are no longer accepting applications. We have now begun the process of reviewing candidates and we feel we have a sufficient pool of qualified candidates to fill the position quickly.


  • Reach 3B Project Final Notice

    Recently, LWOG received funding to design and implement restoration along Lefthand Creek between Airport Road and Highway 119. The specific elements of this proposed project are to restore this 2,200 foot section of the creek  in order to restore geomorphic function, improve flood resiliency, facilitate restoration of recreational access, and reduce flood risks as outlined in the 2014 Left Hand Creek Watershed Master Plan.  The project will include the following elements:  rebuild floodplain benches/stabilize banks; narrow the active channel, add riffle/pool complexity, and reestablish riparian vegetation; clean excessive sediment at road crossings in particular, and along the entire creek section as required; establish a compound channel, including a low flow channel which will promote appropriate sediment transport and a floodplain to provide conveyance of water and debris during floods; remove sediment and debris from 87th Street bridge crossing, which will enlarge and stabilize the channel and facilitate reopening of the existing bike path underpass that is currently covered in sediment; and perform passive restoration and re-vegetation.

  • CDBG-DR Home Access Program Update

    Boulder County released a flyer summarizing the changes to the CDBG-DR Home Access Program.  Contact Boulder County with any questions.

    Home Access Update Jan 2016

  • The Newsletter is Here!

    The new LWOG e-newsletter has arrived!  The first issue of River Report launched earlier this month.  If you are not already subscribed and would like to receive the monthly newsletter, email us at

  • Lefthand Canyon Dr Road Closures and Delays

    Lefthand Canyon Dr will be under construction beginning on Monday, Dec. 18 causing road closures and delays.  Central Fedaral Lands, CFL, hired Kelley Trucking to work on the project.  They will reconstruct areas damaged by the 2013 flood and improve the overall safety of Lefthand Canyon Dr.

    Dec. 18 through May 20,  2016, the portion of the road between Old Stage Rd and James Canyon Dr will be completely closed from 8 a.m. to noon and again 12:30 to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.  Travelers can anticipate 30 minute delays on Saturdays and no construction on Sundays.

    More construction is planned between US 36 and Lickskillet Dr.  This work will happen May 21 through the end of the project in November, 2016.  Boulder County plans for 1-hour delays during the week with no construction on the weekends.

    Boulder County, CFL (a division of the Federal Highway Administration), and Kelley Trucking will host a public meeting on Monday, Dec. 7 to discuss the project.  Residents are invited to learn more and ask any questions regarding the road closures and construction.  The meeting will be held at Altona Grange, 9386 N. 39th St, Boulder from 6 to 7 p.m.

    Boulder County Transportation Director George Gerstle said Kelley Trucking will also construct four bridges and restore portions of Left Hand Creek next to the road to improve the health of the watershed.

    More information can be found on Boulder County’s website.

  • NRCS Community Meeting

    We are hosting a community meeting on Thursday, December 3, to update residents on the National Resource Conservation Service damage surveys.  Residents of the Left Hand Plains Reach are invited attend the meeting to learn about the survey results and the next step in this process.  If you cannot attend the meeting, but would still like information, contact us at

    The meeting will be held at 4 p.m. at the Left Hand Water District Office (6800 Nimbus Rd.)

  • New LWOG Logo

    LWOG is looking to update its current logo.  We’re seeking a graphic artist to help design something that shows what LWOG does. If you would like to contribute a design pro bono or low-cost, or have a recommendation for someone who would, email us at

  • RFP for James Creek Designs

    LWOG is now accepting proposals for James Creek 30% designs.

    This project will provide a 30% design for James Creek reaches 16-1 and 16-2, and a technical review of completed restoration work in reach 18.  LWOG seeks a qualified consultant(s) to assess and develop design documents that will inform future rehabilitation & resilience efforts.  The planning process will build upon relevant prior analyses, utilize or develop modified hydrologic and hydraulic models, and assess the current and desired geomorphic condition to determine the most technically feasible and cost-effective resilient restoration alternative. This work will assess impacts to the stream corridors and develop 30% designs for mitigation of flooding and sedimentation, and the restoration of the stream corridors to a resilient condition.

    For the open solicitation please see:

    Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing Group



    Relevant documents:

    DOLA 30% Design Guidelines:

    30% Design Guidelines

    Boulder County Designs:

    Pages from James Canyon Hydraulics Memo_with Attachments3_1-50

    James Canyon Revised Geotech

    Recommendations Memo James Canyon FIR Xsec

    James Canyon FIR Plans

    Left Hand Creek Master Plan:

    FINAL Left Hand Creek Watershed Master Plan

    FINAL Left Hand Creek Watershed Master Plan Mapbook

    Field Visit notes and questions and response:

    pre-proposal site visit notes 10-14-15


  • Rocky Mountain E-Bids

    Lefthand Watershed Oversight Group has partnered with BidNet as part of the Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing Group and will post their bid opportunities to this site.  As a vendor, you can register with the Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing System and be sure that you see all available bids and opportunities. By selecting automatic bid notification, your company will receive emails once Coalitions & Collaboratives, Inc has a bid opportunity that matches your company’s business. In addition, the site handles bid opportunities, RFPs, and RFQs for other member governmental agencies throughout Colorado.

    Lefthand Watershed Oversight Group, Inc looks forward to providing you with more bid information and simplifying the entire bid, proposal, and quote processes for everyone involved.  We appreciate your cooperation and welcome your participation.  If you need help registering, please call the Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing System support department toll free 1-800-835-4603.

    Link to Lefthand Watershed Oversight Group, Open Solicitations:

    Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing Group

    Link to Vendor Registration Screen for Lefthand Watershed Oversight Group

    Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing System

    The Lefthand Watershed Oversight Group is a citizen-based nonprofit group working with residents and partners to improve water quality, watershed health, and watershed awareness along Left Hand, James, and Little James Creeks in Boulder County, Colorado. We would like to thank the Left Hand Water District and Boulder County for their financial support to Lefthand Watershed Oversight Group. Their generosity helps us work for clean streams and a healthy environment.