Left Hand Creek Master Plan

The plan recommends a number of flood mitigation and creek restoration projects that could be implemented with additional funding. Some of these projects have a watershed-wide scope, and others are specific to certain stream reaches. Several potential sources of funding could be used to implement recommended projects.

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Drop What’s New

  • Lefthand Watershed Oversight Group hires Jessie Olson as their Watershed Coordinator

    Jessie Olson Heads Staff at Lefthand Watershed Oversight Group
    Lefthand Watershed Oversight Group, or LWOG (, a nonprofit watershed organization based in Boulder County, has hired Jessie Olson to serve as Watershed Coordinator.  For 11 years LWOG has been working with stakeholders and residents to monitor, restore and protect water quality in Left Hand Creek and its tributaries.  In 2015 LWOG expanded its Board to include additional stakeholders and residents, and began obtaining grants to help fund restoration projects, primarily those recommended in the 2014 Left Hand Creek Watershed Master Plan.   These projects are designed to reduce future flood risks, stabilize the streambed and banks that were heavily damaged during the 2013 flood, and restore the ecological health of the watershed.

    With a Masters degree in environmental planning from the University of California at Berkeley, and 12 years of experience working as a restoration ecologist and natural resource planner with non-profits, land trusts, and in the private sector, Ms. Olson brings a strong background and a wealth of experience to her new position.  She will be responsible for managing projects funded by various entities, and undertaken by contractors to meet the goals stated above.  She will also head up efforts to reach out to residents along flood-affected reaches of Left Hand Creek and its tributaries to coordinate efforts to build long-term flood resilience, and restore the ecological and hydrologic health of the watershed.  Immediate ventures include:

    • managing a grant from the Department of Local Affairs (DOLA) to restore and protect Left Hand Creek in the vicinity of Airport Road and Diagonal Highway;
    • collaborating with the Natural Resources Conservation Service to assess and restore additional damaged reaches;
    • working with Boulder County, James Creek Watershed Initiative, and DOLA to plan restoration projects on James Creek;
    • and seeking additional funding for other needed restoration projects.

    Jessie will be assisted on the LWOG staff by Program Assistant Glenn Patterson, who has been with LWOG since 2009.

    The LWOG Board of Directors, headed by President Chris Smith (General Manager of Left Hand Water District), meets on the first Tuesday of each month at 2:00 at the Left Hand Water District, 6800 Nimbus Road, Longmont.  Board meetings are open to the public.

    For Further Information, please contact

    Chris Smith, LWOG Board President, 303-530-4200
    Jessie Olson, LWOG Watershed Coordinator, 303-530-4200;


    The Lefthand Watershed Oversight Group is a citizen-based nonprofit group working with residents and partners to improve water quality, watershed health, and watershed awareness along Left Hand, James, and Little James Creeks in Boulder County, Colorado. We would like to thank the Left Hand Water District and Boulder County for their financial support to Lefthand Watershed Oversight Group. Their generosity helps us work for clean streams and a healthy environment.