The mission of the Lefthand Watershed Oversight Group is to assess, protect, and restore the quality of our watershed, and to serve as a hub for watershed issues through the fostering of stakeholder collaboration.

Goals & Objectives

In pursuit of our mission the Lefthand Watershed Oversight Group endeavors to:

  1. Assess and monitor conditions in the watershed, in order to identify, prioritize, and facilitate the remediation of threats to water quality and watershed health.
  2. Build and maintain an effective watershed protection program that fosters open communication and cooperation among stakeholders, and serves the needs of landowners and other stakeholders, with strong public and financial support.
  3. Facilitate and lead watershed planning and implementation projects, consistent with applicable laws, property rights, water rights, local policies and procedures, management plans, and master plan guidance, in order to enhance water quality, ecological function, flood resilience, and the natural character of the watershed.
  4. Communicate water quality and watershed-related information that increases the awareness of the public, property owners, stakeholders and local decision makers and promotes a stewardship ethic that improves the overall stream quality and long-term resilience within the watershed.