The 2016 Annual plan was approved by the LWOG Board of Directors at the December board meeting. The plan outlines the goals and projects for the coming year. These goals include continuation of LWOG’s traditional efforts toward water-quality monitoring and improvement, as well as new goals reflecting our commitment to work with landowners and stakeholders to help restore reaches of the creek and its tributaries that were damaged in the 2013 flood. Among the water-quality-oriented goals, LWOG will continue working with Left Hand Water District on activities to protect the source area for the District’s water supply. Among the flood restoration goals, LWOG will work with landowners and other interested parties to implement restoration projects such as the funded project on Left Hand Creek near 87th Street, and the funded James Creek planning grant. LWOG is also pursing over 11 million dollars in grant funds to help with recovery and restoration on private lands throughout the watershed.

Annual Work Plan_01-10-2017