This project will provide a 30% design for James Creek reaches 16-1 and 16-2, and a technical review of completed restoration work in reach 18. LWOG seeks a qualified consultant(s) to assess and develop design documents that will inform future rehabilitation & resilience efforts. The planning process will build upon relevant prior analyses, utilize or develop modified hydrologic and hydraulic models, and assess the current and desired geomorphic condition to determine the most technically feasible and cost-effective resilient restoration alternative. This work will assess impacts to the stream corridors and develop 30% designs for mitigation of flooding and sedimentation, and the restoration of the stream corridors to a resilient condition.

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Relevant documents:

DOLA 30% Design Guidelines:

30% Design Guidelines

Boulder County Designs:

Pages from James Canyon Hydraulics Memo_with Attachments3_1-50

James Canyon Revised Geotech

Recommendations Memo James Canyon FIR Xsec

James Canyon FIR Plans

Left Hand Creek Master Plan:

FINAL Left Hand Creek Watershed Master Plan

FINAL Left Hand Creek Watershed Master Plan Mapbook