Recently, LWOG received funding to design and implement restoration along Lefthand Creek between Airport Road and Highway 119. The specific elements of this proposed project are to restore this 2,200 foot section of the creek  in order to restore geomorphic function, improve flood resiliency, facilitate restoration of recreational access, and reduce flood risks as outlined in the 2014 Left Hand Creek Watershed Master Plan.  The project will include the following elements:  rebuild floodplain benches/stabilize banks; narrow the active channel, add riffle/pool complexity, and reestablish riparian vegetation; clean excessive sediment at road crossings in particular, and along the entire creek section as required; establish a compound channel, including a low flow channel which will promote appropriate sediment transport and a floodplain to provide conveyance of water and debris during floods; remove sediment and debris from 87th Street bridge crossing, which will enlarge and stabilize the channel and facilitate reopening of the existing bike path underpass that is currently covered in sediment; and perform passive restoration and re-vegetation.