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Board Meetings

Lefthand Watershed Oversight Group's board meetings occur on the third Tuesday of every month from 2-5pm at our office.

Join us on January 15, 2019. See board packet here.

Water Quality & Captain Jack Mine Updates

LWOG staff member, Glenn Patterson, and Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment staff member, Mary Boardman, presented on Left Hand Creek water quality and the Captain Jack Mine spill at the December 2018 board meeting. Below are meeting minutes regarding...

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Project Update: Community Science

Do you (and/or your kids) love science? Over the past few months we collected scientific data at more than 32 sites using eight types of assessments. Now you can get involved in collecting these data and learning about watershed health and recovery by becoming a...

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Project Update: Water Quality Monitoring

Do you like knowing whether the water in Left Hand Creek is clean? Did you appreciate updates from us following the mine spill/releases? Would you like us to continue to update and inform the public about the status of water quality in Left Hand Creek? Project Name:...

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Project Update: Fish Passage and Education

What is a working river? How can we improve fish passage in the creek? How do ditches work & where do they divert water? These questions and more will be answered by our new fish passage and education project! Project Name: Fish Passage and Education on Left Hand...

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Captain Jack Mine Update 10-30-18

Hello Left Hand Creek Community! The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has updated their webpage to include information about the sequence of events and water quality data.  See the links below for more details:...

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Captain Jack Mine Update 10-26-18

Hello Left Hand Creek Community! Below is our LWOG’s second update on the Captain Jack Mine Investigation. CDPHE has issued a press release stating the fish kill was related to releases at the Captain Jack Mine site...

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Captain Jack Mine Update 10-25-18

Hello Left Hand Creek Community! Below is our LWOG's first update on the Captain Jack Mine Investigation.  Article here. Updates from Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment (CDPHE): CDPHE changed operations in May 2018 to close a valve in the bulkhead...

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63rd Street Extension Week 13 Update

07/12/2018Hi All- The final planting phase will be taking place next week and finishing into the following week as necessary. Also, note the post-project celebration will take place on next Friday July 20th at Chuck Oppermann’s house at 5:30. The menu will be a...

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Left Hand Stewards Work Day

If you are looking for a new way to enjoy the outdoors and help Colorado’s natural habitats, now is your chance to become a Left Hand Steward! Join Lefthand Watershed Oversight Group on Tuesday mornings to remove invasive plants and take care of newly planted plants...

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Cottonwood Leaf Beetle

The cottonwood leaf beetle (Chrysomela scripta) is a native species going through a population spike. Spikes usually last for a growing season, and this one is lasting for two which is not a cause for alarm, i.e., it’s not a plague. Populations normally revert to...

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